Canada First Services is a proud exporter and distributor of Canadian agriculture and food products all around the world with a niche market in Europe and Middle East.

Agriculture and food products are among key components of the Canadian economy. Through exporting Canadian Pulse, legumes, and other food products, Canada First Services is thriving to introduce exported products with superior quality, and to increase access to places where farmers and producers can get better value for their products.

In Canada First Services we are committed to address the needs of our customers, and develop and strengthen a long-term business relationship with them based on mutual trust and high standard of professional business ethics.

We are committed to our values: Perfectionism, mutual respect, integrity and reliability. Through the framework of these values our goals are to provide products and services with the highest quality and lowest cost. Our customers can rely on us for fast and on time delivery.

Impeccable customer service is our mantra and ultimate customer satisfaction is our promise.


We came here to shape long-lasting commitment to those who stepped inside and played along in our journey.

Canada First Services Co creates opportunities and shares its fortune with every valued customer, and all team members, through its efficient supply processes. We provide these with a dedication to the quality of products, and customer satisfaction. We are determined of fulfill people’s growing need to build a better life. Our ambitions are making Canada First Services Co the preferred supplier and distributor in the region.


We look at needs of customers through market research as market opportunities and threats in order to transform them in to a market plan.

We should do our best to reach customer satisfaction and more importantly, respect to them, whose needs and requirements should be responded properly by us.


With regards to our company’s social responsibility toward the related field of activity, Canada First Services Co tries to make human’s health and environmental care one of its main priorities. In order to achieve this goal, this company analyses every everything such as ingredients, preparation, target markets and packaging to ensure the safety for customer’s health and environment before they enter the customer’s basket. Also, Canada First Services Co is cooperating with the companies which produce healthy products and have the global and national standard’s certificates.

Canada First Services Co is supplying diverse and unique food products. Our products also meet highest international standards since we firmly believe in ethical trading.


Short term:

  • At Canada First Services Co, we work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.
  • We regularly carry out evaluation of our customers’ needs as we care about them, their needs and
  • Our company always endeavors to be leading supplier through meeting its customers’ needs
  • in the best way possible.
  • Increasing diversity in the products basket in order to have more opportunities to participate in international market.
  • Marinating and improving the quality and health of products and food safety assurance and the important part of our job is to ensure that low-quality products will not enter into the distribution basket of our company

Long term:

  • Growth customer satisfaction with product prices
  • Growth customer satisfaction with product variety
  • Growth customer satisfaction with delivery according to order
  • Increasing operating income in current markets
  • Growth sales to new markets and effective marketing
  • Revenue growth from new products that added to our basket
  • Active and continuous communication with suppliers and customers
  • Maintaining timely and complete delivery and growth distribution network